Dogtown Texas is now hiring for part time Pack Rookies, please apply below if interested.

Doggie Daycare is a learned job. You will not be expected to be able to perform any of the following job duties without first going through a training period. In addition, we are all always learning from each other and from the dogs, and experiencing daycare first-hand is the best way to learn dog behavior and to become comfortable with acceptable types of play. You will never be asked or expected to do anything for which you are not fully trained and comfortable.

As a part of our team here at Dogtown Texas, you will be responsible for supervising play in our busy doggie daycamp program. Much of the job involves monitoring play while being aware of various play styles and ensuring that all dogs are safe, stress-free, and having fun. You will also be expected to help maintain a clean play space for the dogs by watching for, picking up, and properly disposing of any waste.

You will help dispense lunches during nap time, and may be asked to administer medications.

Daycamp is an interactive play environment and carries some inherent risks, both to the dogs and to the staff. Our #1 priority here is safety, and the daycamp team plays an integral role in keeping everyone free from harm. You will be expected to be able to recognize a potential problem before it escalates, and to know how to quickly and carefully break up any situation. Although fights in the daycamp yard are rare, they do happen, if one does happen you will be expected to involve yourself without hesitation.

Additional responsibilities: We are a small business and therefore everyone is expected to help with other tasks when needed. Other things which you may be asked to help with include kennel cleaning,, feeding breakfasts and/or suppers to  dogs, bathing dogs, and general housekeeping around the building such as vacuuming or mopping.

Physical Requirements: This job includes prolonged standing and walking. You must be able to move quickly in the event of a fight. This job includes occasional lifting (up to 50 pounds) and bending. 


Some of the responsibilities for this position include but are not limited to:

  • Complete general cleaning duties as posted or assigned.

  • Scoop dog waste immediately and dispose of it as instructed.

  • Mop up accidents immediately.  

  • Dust mopping/wet mopping floors as assigned.

  • Removing trash from containers.

  • Disinfect outside area.

  • Changing/Laundering sheets.

  • Cleaning water bowls, kongs, and other toys.


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